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Vsaas: SME Impact

There has been a great deal of talk about video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) in recent years, and several authoritative sources are starting to highlight the business case for VSaaS.

The argument runs that the advent of multi-megapixel HD cameras and the proliferation of these cameras has created an explosion of video data, which all needs to be stored and managed.

Our experience and research suggests a hybrid video surveillance storage model using internal (e.g., in-house DVR, NVR, VMS-embedded server, NAS, or other storage device) and external storage (e.g., cloud) usage is being increasingly considered by larger enterprises.  The cloud could be used for holding backups in this hybrid scenario, for example.

But the opportunity for VSaaS becomes that much more compelling when you look at the small and midsize business (SMB) market. The benefits of cloud are well-known, after all. We now back up our mobile data to the cloud and use many cloud-based applications in our day-to-day activities.

With familiarity comes the acceptance of the benefits of cloud infrastructure, particularly amongst SMBs that do not necessarily have a highly robust IT infrastructure or the IT maintenance resources to limit their operational risks. In the sub-10 camera market VSaaS has a real opportunity to build market share; the odds are stacked in its favor -- not least because of its affordability for SMBs.

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