Biometrics for Adishwar India PVT LTD

We are feeling very proud to say that the Adishwar India Ltd authority select us for

providing biometric time & attendance system karnataka and Andhra Pradesh State.We have

already installed the web based time & attendance system (X990) at 54 different various

stores both states, and provided the data centralization solutions for them, so that they

can monitor the punctuality of employee attendance in different location.

Since most of the stores at remote areas faces a typical problem of absenteeism of

employess causes the growth rate of sales volume as well as  profit margin falling down.

In order to avoid this situation the Authority of Adishwar Electronics PVT LTD came new

strategy to develop centralised fingerprint base biometric project, to avoid absenteeism

also enhance punctuality in employess.

eSSL is a well known brand in the security industry have diversified providing solution

in absolutely any vertical of any industry. It not only provide security but also provide

best solution for the problem threw security oriented product. Hence this case clearly

stated that eSSL not only for security but also can solve problem by applying security


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