Smart Ways to Carry Out Theme Park Visitor Management

The ticket issuing window at a theme park is a busy place. Managing high volumes of customers with traditional visitor management methods can be a hectic task in such places. Biometrics offers a viable solution for a theme park visitor management system. Visitor management systems with fingerprint recognition can overcome these challenges and enable a large number of visitors in amusement parks. After a one time enrolment, visitors can just present their biometrics to the scanner during their subsequent visits, thereby letting them skip long queues. Theme parks in India are proposing to upgrade their visitor management system with biometrics like a fingerprint. Theme parks like Disneyland in Florida have already implemented fingerprint-based visitor management systems.

Providing requisite security along with risk analysis and capacity planning in these crowded spaces is highly important. Today’s security systems must anticipate future problems because once installed, there won’t be any time left to upgrade it on the field. Therefore, the usage of crowd management technology like smart turnstiles and barriers is advised. It can support administrators in collecting information about the crowd for better future planning since turnstiles can count the number of people who enter and exit the park. This information about the speed of flow helps control people's traffic and assists marketers with providing seasonal discounts and offers. Turnstiles can also be a part of fare collection solutions, check for the validity of tickets, prevent tailgating and avoid unauthorized access, thereby ensure scalable revenue for the theme park. eSSL houses a variety of turnstiles that can be integrated to perform face and fingerprint recognition, QR/Barcode scanning, RFID reader and card/coin collector.     

In the case of theme park visitor management, visitors’ fingerprints can be recorded, encrypted to a unique long integer and stored in a database. The fingerprint data can then discarded from the database within the next 30 days for privacy-related concerns. Currently, Barcode and RFID technology are available for visitors to scan tickets and gain entry to the theme park. If biometrics is introduced, it will curb the issue of sharing or transferability of passes among individuals apart from the person who made the actual purchase.

Along with ease and security, there are a lot of reasons to authenticate payments using biometric methods. Ease of use, speed, mobility, and future-proofing are some of them. Biometrics is a unique and personal way of identifying individuals. With this approach, there is no need to remember multiple PINs and passwords. While it may be fairly undetectable, authenticating using a biometric feature is faster and easier than entering a password or pin. This is beneficial for both the consumer as well as businesses, with the transaction made much more straightforward by the adoption of biometric authentication for payments. As business outlets move to a contactless payment model, the acceptance of consumers choosing to pay using Apple or Google Pay on their mobile devices and authorizing with biometrics means that you can make a payment anywhere, anytime.

Running a company that is 100% efficient is still a dream. But having a good technology set up will result in some good business. 

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