eSSL’s Biometric Attendance Device Installed in Police Stations Across Bangalore City:

Punctuality has always been a major concern in any organization. No organizations would entertain late arrivals.  Being late throws you out of the loop, as you may miss important information.  In law enforcement careers also it is extremely vital. Within this profession, punctuality is a trait that is very valuable and tardiness is not tolerated.
In order to ensure punctuality among police personnel, Bangalore city police has installed eSSL’s biometric attendance system in 19 police stations across the city. According to City Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar, in next to no time all the remaining 100 police stations would be equipped with our biometric attendance system.

Source: The Hindu


In an effort to kill two birds with one stone, the city police has introduced a biometric attendance system that would not only ensure punctuality among police personnel, but also keep a fool-proof check on anti-social elements.
As part of the first phase of the project, biometric devices have been installed in 19 police stations across the city. The remaining 100 police stations would soon be equipped with the biometric machines, said City Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar.
Station House Officers (SHOs) of police stations have been instructed to ensure strict implementation of the procedure for police personnel as well as the anti-social elements listed in respective stations.
The biometric unit captures finger or thumb print of an individual and identifies that person from the database which will be stored in the bio-metrics. Personnel have to report for duty at the appointed time and any lapse will be dealt with stern action including deduction of wages and other benefits they are entitled to, he said.
Apart from this all the MOB (Modus operandi Bureau) card holders, history-sheeters (HS), rowdy sheeters (RS), ex-convicts residing in the jurisdictional police stations will be summoned and their personal data including finger prints will be fed in the system.
This would not only build a comprehensive database of anti-social elements, but also ensure they are constantly monitored, Mr. Auradkar said. The data stored in the biometrics would be monitored by the senior officers of the area on the regular basis for effective policing, the senior official added.
Each machine which cost around 80,000 per piece would be extended to all the police stations across the city in the next one year in phased manner, Mr. Auradkar said. 

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