Best protection at Hospitals by Biometric products

"Biometrics" means "life measurement" but the term is usually associated with the use of unique physiological characteristics to identify an individual. The application which most people associate with biometrics is security. However, biometric identification has eventually a much broader relevance as computer interface becomes more natural. Knowing the person with whom you are conversing is an important part of human interaction and one expects computers of the future to have the same capabilities.

Healthcare biometrics refers to biometric applications in doctors’ offices, hospitals, or for use in monitoring patients. This can include access control, identification, workforce management or patient record storage. Hospitals face many security threats in an environment complicated by complex staff requirement, and demanding regulatory environment.  Often, hospital administrators must also follow the biometric products in order to avoid threats from strangers. Other entities that set security guidelines include the Joint Commission accreditation and certification body, which has oversight for physical building security, water, safety, fire, and other security processes, and patients protection by using access control as well as CCTV.

Another application is matching the correct patient to the correct record: a high-performing biometric verification system can reduce medical errors. Biometrics help minimize insurance fraud and theft of controlled inventories such as pharmaceuticals, and they can secure against the unauthorized use of expensive medical equipment.

In addition to controlling access, multi camera CCTV biometrics plays a role in facilitating operational efficiency in healthcare. Most security solutions are, by their nature, designed to block rather than facilitate transactions. However, carefully designed biometric systems can streamline operations by providing quick and easy access to authorized users. Further, biometric systems can enforce and document compliance with hospital policies and procedures, enhancing patient and staff safety.

Consequently, Access Control Systems are needed to enhance safety and security to restrict access (both entry and exit) to only to those people with the necessary authority. The system can monitor the numbers of specific categories of staff present within a controlled area to ensure that the required numbers of key staff members are maintained within the area by raising an alarm whenever this number falls below the required minimum level.

By help of CCTV security at hospital will give great result to find threats in and around and can see the regularity of staff visits. It will enhance the punctuality of the staff and generate great fear to strangers to steel and robbery.

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