Combating threats to a city: Measures and Solutions

With a variety of hi-tech and advance security technology available nowadays, the cities must take full advantage of it by utilizing these security systems as needed for the safety of its citizens. 
We have witnessed terrorist attacks on the road, railway stations, hotels, hospitals, and residential buildings. Integrating the use of biometric devices in public as well as private buildings enables a substantial boost in the overall security infrastructure. These devices offer robust identification and verification solutions, which ensure the utmost security for the people and assets. Organizations that have employed biometric devices have been able to significantly reduce risks associated with intruders. This is mainly because of the difficulty in forging biometric identification. 

To avoid any crime from happening in public places like ports, railway stations, bus stations, city roads, etc. surveillance systems can be installed in every nook and corner, while boom barriers and alarm systems can be installed at the entry of major public places. Surveillance cameras can be used to keep an eye out for any crimes that are in progress and can be stopped before they start. If a suspicious person or item is in the area, authorities can be informed before any crime can be committed or damage can be caused. Also, the area can be cleared of any people as a precautionary measure. 

It is always uncertain when, where and how terrorists may strike. It is of paramount importance to prioritize the safety of people staying in a city. This is possible only by installing proper security systems all over the city. Just like how prevention is better than cure, it is better to priorly set-up a secure boundary to keep an eye over the whole city and keep track of people entering into and exiting from the city. As soon as any suspicion arises, alarms can be raised and thus a major mishap can be averted from happening. One of the most popular uses for Access Control is to secure clubhouses. Management can apply a member’s access to the clubhouse after hours for rented parties on certain days and times. Residents would not need a manager to be present to set up for an event. 

eSSL Security is one of the leading biometric companies in India and has grown into international territories since inception (2002). With the vision of being a top player on a global scale, eSSL has built in-house expertise to be the vision. With over 6000+ channel partners and 6 lakh customers, the network of eSSL wove itself due to eSSL’s support and proven technology solutions and products. eSSL being recognized as a recipient of prestigious “Frost and Sullivan awards”, has excelled in providing services and solutions with the knowledge of in house expertise. eSSL’s major contribution to government sectors has put the government one step ahead in terms of security.


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