Hotel locks by eSSL to ensure a secure and comfortable stay for guests

To provide a comfortable and secure experience for guests during their stay is the most important purpose of a hotel. Modern-day access control systems can provide an advantage for hotel owners by delivering customer satisfaction. Advanced hotel door locks make the service secure, manageable, and scalable. These electronic access control systems are cable-free and keyless and available in a diverse collection of designs, colors, and finishes to complement any property’s style and door type. 

To ensure security to the maximum extent, entry through every door can be controlled and made possible from one system. A centralized system for restricting access enables operators to turn on or turn off access for any given entry point without the need to go to the door where the lock is. By generating reports, you can analyze the time staff spends at different activities; for instance, how long it takes to clean a room. You can also track any person passing through every entry/exit point as well as the location of everyone that has access to the property.

By providing guests with access cards, there is no worry about the loss of physical keys. These can be remotely disabled from the administrator if necessary and upon guest checkout.
Smart hotel locks also offer opportunities for integration with interior aspects of a room. This results in improved guest experience while saving costs. Some examples of integrations that can be attached to hotel locks are- As a guest opens the room, the room is lit, the temperature adjusts to a comfortable setting, and the curtains open. As the guest leaves the room, lights turn off and any taps left running are automatically turned off.

eSSL’s solutions are packed with quality and economical pricing which has made us more stable and reliable. With over 6 Lakh customers, eSSL has established itself as one of the leading Indian based companies and a top player in the security Industry. For further news updates and references, please visit the following link: 

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