Role of Security Solutions in the Real Estate sector

Owning a property is pride but maintaining it securely is a bigger responsibility. In properties that are occupied, protecting both people and property becomes a concern. Managing vacant properties is another major problem in India since vacant properties attract a lot of unwanted intrusions. Always depending on a security guard or manual locks and keys will not be helpful. The results could be theft, illicit parking, animal infestation, trespassing or even criminal activity. Therefore continuous surveillance of vacant properties is a critical issue in India. Even when residents look for a new place to live in, the question of security pops up despite the increase in price.By installing efficient intrusion detection systems and by making secure vehicle parking arrangements, one can avoid harm caused to vehicles and theft of valuables from inside the vehicles. Boom barriers and hydraulic bollards are the new-age solutions to this problem since they avoid entry of unauthorised vehicles into private parking spaces. Below listed are some more ways in which the real estate sector can be made more secure -
  • During instances of residents not being present at the property, remote management systems can be used on smart phones.
  • Installation of smart locks, door phones, home security systems, etc.
  • The proper visitor management system will help the administration to track movements of permanent residents along with that of guests and delivery executives. Maintaining visitors' logs on pen and paper is prone to multiple fake entries.
  • Installation of burglar alarms. 

Ensuring proper perimeter surveillance solves most of the security-related problems that real estate managers face. This not only reduces unwanted intrusions but also gives sufficient information regarding in and out activities of visitors. Baggage scanners and metal detectors also can be added to ensure no harmful objects go in or out of the property.
In the case of apartment buildings, resident owners can be provided with access cards for authentication purposes. There still exists a risk of losing these cards. In such cases, access through smartphones or biometrics can come into place. For example, the turnstiles and flap barriers we offer are enabled with face and fingerprint recognition along with an option of RFID, QR/bar code and password-authenticated access control. 

The monitoring of properties has to begin right from the construction phase. Problems related to smuggling of resources and intentional delays in progress can be captured through a continuous surveillance system. Its utility can be taken to the extent of evaluating the progress achieved from time to time. With an integrated and centralized approach towards securing properties, landlords can now disable or enable access to their tenants virtually based on any discrepancies caused. All these can be performed at the ease of your fingertips.

Our products have been installed in eminent residential properties across Karnataka and some of the international hotels and resorts in Kerala and Maharashtra. Apart from these, we have offered services in other domains like education, healthcare, and research across the country. We have also listed a few projects on the website where you can find the project details and photographs.

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