Smart Turnstiles: Handling crowd management the smarter way

Crowd management finds its application at multiple places including subways, airports, tourist spots, and events like music festivals, sports matches, religious gatherings, etc. Along with risk analysis and capacity planning, providing requisite security in these crowded spaces is highly important. Today’s security systems must anticipate future problems because once installed, there won’t be any time left to upgrade it on the field. Therefore, the usage of crowd management technology like smart turnstiles and barriers is advised. It can support managers in collecting information about the crowd for better future planning since turnstiles can count the number of people who enter and exit a site. This information about the speed of flow helps control people's traffic.

Domestic airline services too are now deploying teams that are dedicated to aircraft security. This would require manpower but investment in some very good technological solution will ease up the entire process. Indian airports receive a 42% increase in footfall annually. Chennai Airport alone houses nearly 33,000 people and 500 aircraft movements daily. In a scenario like this, it is highly beneficial to use access control solutions to cut congestion. This will result in less time spent in waiting queues. The air cargo supply chain also needs a high level of security. To support this need, flap barriers that have built-in features can ensure the security of goods and employees. The goal of efficient arrival of goods and clearance of goods can be achieved with such a system.

Commuters nowadays are becoming more environmentally responsible and hence opting for mass transit systems that comprise of metro, airlines, buses, ferries, etc. These facilities need to address a huge number of passenger populations that are constantly changing and plenty of entry/exit points daily. Robust pedestrian barrier solutions like waist height turnstiles, swing barriers and flap barriers can abet the security of mass transit systems in a well-organized way.

Turnstiles can also be a part of fare collection solutions, check for the validity of tickets, prevent tailgating and avoid unauthorized access, thereby ensure scalable revenue for the public transport department. eSSL houses a variety of turnstiles that can be integrated to perform face and fingerprint recognition, QR/Barcode scanning, RFID reader and card/coin collector. 

Turnstiles provide an automated way of checking passengers’ tickets and disallow unauthorized persons at the same time. This eliminates the need for extra workers to check each ticket at various access points of a subway station, music events, sports match, etc. Buses with no conductors are already plying across major cities of the world. The city of Kolkata recently completed 1 year of serving customers with electric buses that have turnstiles in them to control access and issue printed tickets. Fare collection and revenue protection are the two core advantages of having such a system in place. Regulating the flow of passengers and reducing surge at peak hours becomes an easeful task. Its wide possibilities for integration make turnstiles the perfect solution for managing crowded areas.

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