Anti-shoplifting Solution by eSSL for the Retail Sector: The need and benefits

With the rapid development of the retail industry, reducing management costs and ensuring the order of the market along with the safety of products has become the goal of retail enterprises. These goals are important to maintain enterprise efficiency. eSSL has been making continuous efforts for many years to achieve its mission of being the best partner and service provider of the security industry and also contribute to security on a global scale. It provides EAS anti-theft antennas, detachers and EAS tags of different shapes and sizes. This kind of an anti-theft system solution is ideal for entrance/exit of shops, boutiques, merchandise retailers, etc with wide aisles. The key to selecting the correct anti-theft system for your retail outlet involves considering the type of items sold, their value and the physical layout of the entrance and exit. eSSL also provides support services to large, medium and small enterprises both in India and abroad.

Acoustic Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS AM) is a technology that prevents shoplifting in various retail stores. eSSL combines the advanced EAS technology with the market management system and forms sophisticated technical defense. The anti-theft systems are developed to have a high detection rate with extremely low false alarm and a stylish appearance. Its working principle is, the transmitters fitted to antenna send low-frequency waves and form a testing area. When a non-deactivated tag composed of non-crystal sheet metal enters the testing area the interfering signal it brings will be received by the receiver. This results in the generation of an alarm from the system.
Under normal conditions, tags on the commodities bought will be deactivated or removed by the salesperson after payment is complete. In such cases, no alarm will be triggered while passing the testing area. System configurations vary based on the range and frequency of signals.

Why AM systems?
This system provides great flexibility for retailers. Installation of antennas can be pedestal-based, concealed within door frames or housed under the floor at the entry of the store. One core advantage is that this system can work on or around metallic substances while most other systems fail to do so. AM labels and tags are activated and deactivated using purpose-built magnets that suit the strength of the tags. Following is a list of benefits that EAS AM systems can provide to a retail business owner-

  • Susceptibility to electronic interference is very less
  • The system can be concealed under flooring or inside door structures
  • Security labels and tags can be reactivated and reused
  • Tags and labels are accurately detected

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