Face Recognition from a Longer Distance Now Possible with FaceKiosk-V43

Imagine you just walk past a device and it recognizes you without having to stop in front of it. The solution is here! FaceKiosk-V43 is a long-range Face Recognition System with excellent features. It will greet you by your name as you pass by and mark you present in the list of attendees. Even if you walk in with 4 other people, all faces can be recognized simultaneously. It can be used in places where events are held, office buildings, schools, and colleges, etc. to track attendance. FaceKiosk-V43 can also be coupled as an advertising panel by displaying media when it is in standby mode.

FaceKiosk-V43 comes with an advanced and user-friendly interface that supports languages from multiple countries. Touch screen, visitor notifications, and live screen display are enabled by default. Face recognition is successfully carried out from any distance between 1m and 5m. The device can store data of up to 5000 faces by saving a separate template for each face. The ability to precisely differentiate between real faces and photographs makes FaceKiosk-V43 a very secure and reliable face recognition device. The speed of identification is as low as 0.5s.

This technology can be proved useful in capacity planning during events. It can support managers in collecting information about the crowd for better future planning. FaceKiosk-V43 can count the number of people who enter a premise. This information about the speed of flow helps control people's traffic and planning for similar future events.

Another unique application of this device can be found in restaurants, in the form of self-order kiosks. This method provides the management an efficient way of tracking customers using their faces and demographics. Customers can use the 43-inch display to order at the restaurant. With this, their patronage can be rewarded based on recurrence in orders and establish a better relationship. Offers can be promoted based on the choices of regular customers. All this leads to reduced labor costs and improved delivery.

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