Canteen Management System for a secure management experience

Managing canteens at schools, colleges or offices is a very challenging task. Managing track records of every consumption is the major setback. In the end, management has to completely hand over the task of canteen organization to third party vendors who, in most cases, misuse inventory and cash. There is usually a clash in report management that leads to disputes and monetary issues. All this happens due to manual processing that involves a lot of paperwork. With the implementation of the Canteen Management System, the process is automated.

There will be an increase in transparency which allows the company to run the process swiftly. There will be automatically generated bills for every transaction that will never go unattended or uncalculated. In case the inventory is mishandled, the management can question staff with records of canteen management software as proof. This high technology canteen management system makes the operations more quick and efficient so that a large number of people can be catered in a short time. CMS is an online system, thereby making is safer since transaction manipulation by officers-in-charge was a regular problem in the earlier system. CMS has more benefits than you can think.

Problems faced in the traditional method:

  • Printing and allocating food coupons to each user are cumbersome tasks. Moreover, this needs to be done before each meal or snack time.
  • To get a summarized count of a particular duration’s consumption, the canteen operator must count the coupons manually. These results could be inaccurate and can lead to incorrect demand planning.
  • Culprits related to re-using food coupons can go un-noticed if the system is not computerized.
  • Difficult to track food wastage.
  • Difficulty in cost computing 

Advantages of Canteen Management System

  • Paperless – no need to print or count manually. It makes CMS a secure option.
  • Canteen Management System works independently of the method used for employee identification. Fingerprint or RFID card can be set as a mode of punching.
  • Customized reports of meals consumption and future meal planning is generated. SMS/e-mails sent to the canteen in-charge.
  • Provides fast and efficient service 
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