9 reasons why eTimeTracklite is an advantage for your organization

Employees are a primary asset to a company making attendance management an important aspect within every company that has employees. Adapting to present-day technology not only has the power to transform workplace wellness but has also proven effective in handling time. Workforce dynamics are constantly advancing with a need for organizations to adapt to these changes right away. Comparing the multi-cultural, multi-located workforce, nature of work, work from home options, shifts, flexible time, overtime, travel, paid time off policies, etc., managing productivity, cost and time can be compelling for employers.
Through attendance monitoring, companies can determine which employees arrive on time, early, or consistently late. Information collected like this can determine whether the business is on the right track and if it is headed for a bright future. Report data from eTimeTracklite assists managers with efficient management of labor. eTimeTracklite Time and Attendance Software is one of the most powerful tools for time tracking systems. It lets the management collect data for attendance patterns for payroll and other aspects directly related to attendance. It also enables them to make cost-effective decisions and determine best practices to optimize the existing workforce.
Employee attendance reporting systems like eTimeTracklite automate data to eliminate duplication and errors. Management acquires useful data to analyze hours worked, authorize leave requests, make hiring estimations and schedule shifts. Here are 9 reasons why attendance management system is an advantage for your organization:
  1. Compliance- Adhering to labor laws by accurately paying employees will save the company from paying hefty fines. 
  2. Security- Biometric attendance systems are highly secure and reliable. They prevent time theft, buddy punching and reduce administrative costs.
  3. Real-time tracking- Cloud-based attendance management enables all information available in real-time. Managers can adjust work schedules and direct workforce tasks in real-time.
  4. Integration- The management can have customizations for each rotational shift, with features to specify attendance cycles, mark-in/out rules, leave deductions, and holidays.
  5. Hassle-free- Both applying and approving leaves, overtime, etc require no time to process and also require no specific communication. 
  6. Insights- You can generate ample types of reports (daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.) with just a few clicks. This feature enables quick and efficient decision making.
  7. Productivity- The software frees up valuable administration time with an automated process. Tracking employee attendance to supporting payroll system with accurate data, it helps in optimizing the use of resources.  
  8. Economics- A time and attendance software like eTimeTracklite will save money by eliminating chances of inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, and overpayment.
  9. Accuracy- Any system involving humans is prone to errors. It is advisable to adapt to a biometric time attendance system so that data collection and payroll activities happen seamlessly.


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