Smart Locks for higher security levels of sensitive doors

Keys are an imperative part of our daily lives. Despite the clutter and noise they create, we carry them along wherever we go. At some point, we all have experienced either of the following situations: forgetting house keys, losing the key, wait outside for someone with the keys or sometimes even break open the door. Putting an end to all these problems is an easy task if we upgrade ourselves to using smart locks.

A biometric lock is a reliable battery-powered security option that grants access by way of scanning, identifying, analyzing and remembering a person’s unique body traits. Unlocking becomes possible with fingerprint, face-recognition, password or you can even establish control via smartphone while you are away from home. The mobile application lets you view unlock logs and also create temporary passwords in case you want to transfer access to another person, suppose a relative, maid or tutor visiting for a limited period of time. You will also receive notifications whenever the door is being opened and sends an alarm in case of any vandalism attempt. Landlords are now capable of allowing or disallowing access to their tenants virtually based on any discrepancies caused. All these can be performed at the ease of your fingertips.

Fingerprints are a unique way of identifying and authenticating a person. Nobody can steal your fingerprint away from you. This technology of using fingerprints on locks lets you unlock doors in less than 0.5s. The sensors and casing are made of durable, waterproof and dustproof material. Few of the smart locks provided by eSSL have also retained the mechanical key back up along with biometric authentication options. You can add or delete users by following minimum instructions on the manual. Smart locks are ideal to be installed in storage rooms, offices, rented homes, cellars, etc to make your life much simpler and safer.

eSSL’s solutions are packed with quality and economical pricing which has made us more stable and reliable. With over 6 Lakh customers, eSSL has established itself as one of the leading Indian based companies and a top player in the security Industry. For further news updates and references, please visit the following link:

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