School Management System by eSSL for a stress-free childhood and parenthood

As the first morning bell of school rings, teachers usually spend those first five minutes in a hurry to pull out their attendance sheets to take attendance. This process is time-consuming and is also prone to errors. With eSSL’s full-fledged School Management System, we can leave all these possibilities behind. This school management software also enables parents to track the location of their children when they are at school or inside the bus with the help of GPS. So, they do not have to spend their time worrying if there has been a delay in the return of the kids if it was the school’s fault.

The school management system is a software solution that has been developed for educational institutions. The system helps them to tackle operational challenges on their campuses. The system is web-based and will allow you to automate most of your manual workload related to your administration work. However, you must select the right school management system for your institution to ensure the best return of your investment. Purchase your school management system from a leading school management solution provider like eSSL.

If the school decides to postpone an exam or something similar happens and you missed the news, it is not an issue with this system. They give you constant reminders via SMS or e-mail for every event. Be it an assignment, anything rescheduled, exam or fee payment, they provide an alert so that you would be prepared ahead of time. With the ever-increasing competition in the education sector, adopting a school management system has become a necessity. The design of an ideal system should be implemented in such a way to provide the maximum benefit to students, management, teachers and parents. Even though each school has its way of managing operations our School Management System can be easily customized as per the needs of an institute. 

The software also allows the administrators to have a look across the details (ex. Leave status and attendance) of their employees. They also have access to data related to their students, that too with just a click of a button. School administration is now able to function with greater efficiency than earlier. Technology is advancing at a fast pace and making our lives easier. That’s the reason why every school should invest in School Management Applications for propagating better education and management, along with improving the relationship between student, school, and parents.
eSSL Security is one of the leading biometric companies in India and has grown into international territories since inception (2002). With the vision of being a top player on the global scale, eSSL has built in-house expertise to be the vision. With over 6000+ channel partners and 6 lakh customers, the network of eSSL wove itself due to eSSL’s support and proven technology solutions and products. eSSL being recognized as a recipient of prestigious “Frost and Sullivan awards”, has excelled in providing services and solutions with the knowledge of in house expertise. eSSL’s major contribution to government sectors has put the government one step ahead in terms of security.

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