How can restricting access open doors to improved security at your property?

Suppose you own a business, and you have assigned some space as ‘staff/customers vehicles only’ parking lot but it is accessed continuously by those who are not. This leads to your customers not having enough parking spaces. Boom barriers are the perfect solution to this problem. This system does not require manual operation and is very secure and also gives you the power to establish control over who enters and exits your property. Unwanted visitors too can be avoided. 

Along with providing an extra layer of security, it helps in crowd management and prevents thieves and burglars from entering your business or domestic property. A unique feature of boom barriers is that they can be automated through remote control and commands. Applications of boom barriers can be seen at multiple locations like shopping malls, residential buildings, public buildings like colleges, hotels, and parks, parking spaces, etc to eliminate unauthorized access. Other uses of boom gates include toll plazas, where the driver pays the toll fee before the barrier rises to let them through. Automatic barriers are also used at many checkpoints and the entrances of restricted facilities. Here, drivers may have to install UHT tags beforehand, show their ID, or swipe an access card to be allowed access. 
Stronger control of vehicular traffic at entry and exit of such properties can be achieved through the boom gates system. Installation of an automated barricading system in the form of boom barriers eliminates any form of inconvenience and intensifies the security as well. One can just drive through as the gate opens itself, instead of getting out of the vehicle to open the gate. Boom gates can be opened and closed with the use of remote control. With further integration to existing boom barriers, the administration can even record license plate numbers of the incoming and outgoing vehicles. Such technology is termed as License Plate Recognition (LPR) and is one of the popular solutions provided by eSSL. 

Boom gates are an extremely basic form of automated vehicle management. With only a few moving parts, they are reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain. Boom barriers are also built to resist a fair amount of wear and tear. All these benefits undoubtedly prove why boom barriers are such a common feature of today’s world. 

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