What makes Push Data Technology a future ready tool for Biometrics?

A systematic approach to managing the attendance of employees across various branch locations of an organization is a primary concern for most managers. The ideal solution for this problem would be the usage of push data technology to retrieve log data from the biometric attendance software. Push Data Technology is one of a kind advanced data retrieval and fetching technology. It allows work stations to simplify their complex way of maintaining employee records by providing a standalone solution that meets global standards. 

Biometrics is getting increasingly popular amongst enterprises as a security measure. Almost every other enterprise and organization whether big or small, has implemented biometric devices in their facilities. Storing such a huge amount of employee and visitor records separately in separate facilities using separate servers can get expensive for the management. These servers, in turn, would require regular maintenance too. 

eSSL’s push data technology provides the leverage of using a single central server for managing attendance records at multiple locations. It is easy to implement and maintenance complications are waived-off. All data registered on a device are directly pushed into a central server and hence can be fetched from the same server whenever needed. This makes the system perfect for organizations operating in multiple locations. Push data technology can be integrated with any ERP software like SAP, Oracle or any third party software. Also, the client need not have any software at their end too. Data can be pushed to cloud storage in real-time or in periodic intervals. All these features are made available at a very low maintenance cost. 

Push is modern event-driven technology. It is designed for faster work speeds and transactions. That is the reason why biometric time attendance systems enabled with push data technology is more reliable. Push data technology in biometric attendance devices enables IoT (Internet of things) which means plug and play implementation and smooth device connectivity, along with huge cost savings for the organization. When an impression is captured by a biometric time attendance system, push technology transfers (pushes) the data to the cloud as it happens. Thus guaranteeing real-time performance. 

Push Data Technology enables effective management of employees’ and visitors’ information. Apart from maintaining the time and attendance of employees, an organization can also generate reports effectively in maintaining its payroll systems along with a leave management system. This technology is a standalone global standard solution that lets the managers have peace of mind by cutting down unnecessary costs on extra systems.


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