Entering new heights of security with Full-Height Turnstiles by eSSL

The barriers of Full Height Turnstiles extend from the floor level to being up to 7 feet tall and can thus enhance the physical security of building premises. By allowing passage to only authorized persons and reducing the risk of trespassing, they set smart boundaries and keep access secure. Waist-high turnstiles are generally used in public areas, such as theme parks and stadiums, to manage large crowds entering the facility. They are also frequently used in lobby areas, warehouses, cafeterias, and manufacturing facilities. However, waist-height turnstiles can allow for the possibility of unauthorized users climbing over or under the barrier arm. Full height turnstiles can put an end to such unsought possibilities.

The following are some of the undeniable benefits that full height turnstiles by eSSL have to offer-
  1. High level of security - Manually operated entrances and exits cannot offer the level of security that full height turnstiles provide. With appropriate secure gating systems, you can also track the activity of every individual entering and exiting your facility. 
  2. Reduced Cost - Even though their installation can cost you a little on the higher side, a full-height turnstile will save you a considerable amount in the long-run by reducing labor costs and losses from unauthorized entry. 
  3. Attendance Management - The functions provided by full height turnstile gates offer accurate attendance tracking of your employees or authorized personnel on the building or premises. These gates can verify credentials including biometrics and RFID so that you don’t have to rely on manual methods, which not only consume time but also are prone to errors.
  4. Efficient Access Control - Full height turnstiles allow administrators to integrate access control with biometrics, proximity cards, etc to ensure no unauthorized trespassing can be carried out. Such integrated barriers or gates offer superior access control as compared to hired security staff.
  5. Throughput Rate - Without turnstiles, entrants must be manually checked for authentication by an attendant, which takes a longer time than using turnstiles. This efficient throughput gained by using a turnstile access control system also ensures that there is no stagnant traffic at access points. eSSL’s Full Height Turnstiles enable a throughput rate of up to 35 persons per minute.
  6. Flexibility - Depending on the application, a single or bi-directional turnstile gate can be used. While a unidirectional gate will allow authorized personnel to either enter or exit a facility, a bi-directional gate will do both. Also, one can control the operations with a remote. You can change the settings according to the situation. For example, when your facility is shut down, the turnstile can be locked and when you don’t need to restrict access, you can set it in a free pass mode. 
Turnstiles enhance security and integrate easily with other access control and visitor management systems. With multiple options for features and types, turnstiles conveniently meet the requirements and improve the security of today’s business facilities. To make the operations of crowded events and mass transit more feasible, turnstiles can also be part of fare collection solutions, check for the validity of tickets, prevent tailgating and avoid unauthorized access, thereby ensure scalable revenue for the event management and public transport departments. eSSL houses a variety of turnstiles that can be integrated to perform face and fingerprint recognition, QR/Barcode scanning, RFID reader and card/coin collector. Full height turnstiles provide an automated way of checking passengers’ tickets and disallow unauthorized persons at the same time. This eliminates the need for extra workers to check each ticket at various access points of a subway station, music events, sports match, etc. 

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