India inclined towards biometric authentication over passwords: Survey

The popularity of biometric authentication is increasing rapidly in every part of the world. Biometric information means photograph, fingerprint, iris scan, or other biological characteristics of an individual. Visa has researched biometric usage throughout the world and one of the studies was conducted in India. The survey resulted in some valuable and important insights. Indian consumers find the use of biometrics for processing payments and unlocking accounts much easier and more convenient than traditional PINs or passwords. The survey also highlighted that consumers are more familiar with fingerprint recognition—32% having used it once or twice and another 63% using it regularly. By comparison, about 48% have used voice recognition in the past and 26% use it regularly. 

In 2010, Indian national identity card Aadhaar integrated biometric data to verify and identify cardholders was introduced. A total of 500 participants were surveyed by asking different biometric questions and it revealed some findings. UIDAI also considered people who find fingerprint identification and iris recognition difficult. The agency has introduced facial recognition technology for the Aadhaar card and the registration will possibly start very soon. According to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), face recognition is going to help in comprehensive authentication of those who are not capable of biometrically authenticating themselves due to worn-out fingerprints, old age or hard work conditions. 

Another global study researching consumer perspectives on digital identity and authentication found that people now prioritize security over convenience when signing into devices and applications. Generation gap differences also emerged showing that younger individuals are putting less caution into the traditional password and are more likely to use multifactor authentication, biometrics and password managers to improve security. 

With millennials becoming the largest generation in today’s workforce, these trends have impacted how employers and technology solution providers offer access to devices and applications. Overall, respondents recognized the benefits of biometric technologies like fingerprint readers, facial scans and voice recognition, as threats to their digital identity continue to escalate.

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