Go Paperless at your office to overcome security challenges!

The digital universe can seem like a frightening place. News about data breaches, information sprawl, and lost records add to the fear. Trusted document management solutions offer options to fight this challenge through strategic authorization functions, the ability to construct regulatory compliance into data management processes and other similar functions in an organization. A few data breach reports may arise as companies go digital, but consider the security challenges that come with paper records. You will find out that going paperless may not seem so scary. 

Going digital can readily simplify most document security processes. User authentication is a real challenge for digital systems, but emerging technologies simplify and resolve those issues. Managing access control to physical paper records will require specialized security knowledge. A physical access control system may require such tools as smart locks that control who can access different rooms at different times and/or security workforce to monitor access points. 

When organizations depend on paper, they need to establish strict access control measures. Similar user authentication methods are necessary when companies go paperless, but the capability is pre-built into a
software to keep the procedure simple. Guarding documents isn't just about avoiding theft. Avoiding loss of data is just as important. Paper presents a major problem here. Acidic materials within paper cause it to break down easily over time, particularly when exposed to any sort of temperature or environmental extremes. If a cabinet shelf gets lots of direct sunlight in the summer, ink on paper can fade over time, for example. 

Going digital with time attendance access control software like eTimeTracklite eliminates the roadblocks that you have to worry about. Documents and other data are hosted in the cloud, where we manage infrastructure environments and handle data flexibly for you. 

Security is one primary example of how going digital can be simpler for doing business. Organizations can incorporate internal and external rules for how users access data within a platform. This can include creating access regulations, user activity tracking and similar functions that give businesses a greater level of control over their attendance data environments while also keeping the employee experience as simple as possible. 

Paper may be familiar for many businesses, but that doesn't make it easy. Digital attendance management, on the other hand, creates opportunities to reduce complexity within data security and help businesses keep information safe.


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