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GPRS / WIFI Solutions 
To meet the demand of cross-boundary operation which needs centralized management (LAN / WAN with time & attendance recorders scattered, eSSL Security launches another time & attendance. The users can operate the system through browser without installing the software.
The system includes the personnel management, time & attendance management. The personnel management system can be divided into sector institutions, personnel files, personnel changes, quitting management, performance tracking, data center and other management modules.
The time & attendance management system is made up of time & attendance system settings, smart scheduling management, self-service statement management, data querying centre and so on. Self-query function means the employee can query his attendance state by logging on system through fingerprint validation
The solution can be applied in trade, retailing, logistics, education, manufacturing, insurance, financial industry, service industry, medical industry, warehousing & storage industry, hotel & catering industry, and so on. It can be also used in the enterprises whose staff ranging from 1 person to 5,000 persons.
The main functions:
The two powerful subsystems (personnel management, time & attendance management) can meet all the customers’ management needs in manpower cost and assist the customers in standardizing management system and eliminating loopholes in management.
10 years of experience in time & attendance system design, management and implementation has brought a sound and accurate time & attendance algorithm, which can fit all time & attendance management model and work out accurate results for customers to reduce the manpower waste.
The accurate and timely statement system is able to provide customers with powerful decision-making basis in manpower and own user-defined functions as well.
Self-query function means that the employee can query his attendance state by logging on system through fingerprint validation
System Advantages
Supporting WAN operation, making information management centralized
Powerful time & attendance disposing, suitable for all the domestic industries and complex time & attendance requirements
Able to achieve zero-scheduling
Supporting complex shift duty and scheduling
Supporting temporary scheduling
Simple interface and easy operation
Guided operating flow which makes the beginners operate more easily
The employee able to query his attendance state by logging on system through fingerprint validation
Source: ZKteco India

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