ZKAccess brings Biometrics to your front door

Biometric and RFID security solution firm ZKAccessannounced it released its ML10 biometric fingerprint door lock, which features embedded fingerprint recognition technology.
Acting as a plug ‘n play replacement to the traditional ‘lock and key’ door knob, each ML10 door lock can store and recognize up to 40 users.
After an initial registration process where authorized individuals submit their fingerprints, users can simply touch the fingerprint sensor to open the door, eliminating the need for a key or code.
ML10 securely stores users’ registration data in the device itself, ensuring that they will never be required to re-enroll users, even in the event of a total power outage.
Additionally, home owners won’t have to change the locks when a previously authorized user is no longer permitted door access.
Intended for residential and small business applications, the ML10’s door handle, latch and strike are reversible for either left or right-handed preference.
The lock is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, and signals an audible warning when it’s time to replace the batteries.
In the event of a complete power loss, ML10 can be operated manually using a traditional metal key which is included.
“Users and installers alike will love how easy this biometric fingerprint door lock is to use,” said Larry Reed, CEO of ZKAccess. “We are very proud to add the ML10 to the ZKAccess product suite, which is diverse and spans traditional card access products alongside cutting-edge, yet affordable biometric security solutions.”
Source : Biometric Update

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  1. it will usually only open a few inches and then quit. When it first started happening it would open pretty far and then quit, so I squirted some WD-40 inside the tracks thinking that something was blocking it. allentxlock-smith.com

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