TalkTalk integrates voice biometrics with customer support

UK telecommunications carrier TalkTalk announced it will integrate biometric voice recognition technology in its chat-based customer support on its website to authorize the identity of customers, according to a report by
The new voice biometrics solution is part of a larger initiative by TalkTalk to provide better online support.
Set to be live by the end of the year, the new voice recognition capabilities should save customers’ time while increasing overall security, said Alastair Douglas, group business assurance director at TalkTalk.
“A module for voice commands we’re introducing this year is voice biometric tagging, which is more secure than any password,” said Douglas. “The same company that does Siri has built an app that asks you to say a stock phrase such as ‘my voice is my password’, which it will use to verify you. It sounds futuristic, but this could be live by the end of the year.
“It’s great because you take out a chunk of the call. No one wants to be on the phone for any length of time and any sort of improvement in the time it takes to identify who you are and get you to the right person could dramatically cut that down.”
The new online framework has experienced an 85% customer satisfaction rate, said Douglas.

Source : Biometric News

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