FST Biometrics Tech Bolsters Brazilian Security Firm :

FST Biometrics has announced a strategic partnership with Groupo Haganá that will see its In Motion Identification (IMID) technology implemented by the Brazilian security firm. The partnership primarily involves the development and deployment of SIGAH Mobile and SIGAH Fixed solutions to better equip Haganá’s security infrastructure on an operating level.
São Paulo is the site of FST’s initial deployment through the new partnership, giving a biometric boost to Haganá security personnel working in Brazil’s most populated city. Rather than replacing the security staff, FST’s solution supplements the guard’s natural tools of memory and security experience with the accurate identification capabilities of an advanced biometric system.
Villi Braverman, ombudsman of Groupo Haganá, explains: “FST’s biometric identification solutions deliver vital tools to increase the level of security we provide to our customers, without slowing the speed of operations. FST technology helps us address the specific security requirements of our customers while adding tremendous value.”
Notably, the implementation of FST’s IMID technology improves security without sacrificing anything by way of customer convenience. Parking facility entry points equipped with SIGAH Mobile (modeled after FST’s new IMID Mobile solution) – for example –  allows for driver authentication without the subject having to leave her car. The driver authenticates on her phone, a notification is sent to the security person’s mobile device. The verification is seamless and eliminates slow down.
SIGAH Fixed – which features IMID Access technology – will similarly be deployed at pedestrian entry points. Operating with the same non-intrusive in motion identification technology that FST has seen deployed elsewhere in the Americas to great success, the physical access control solution strikes a balance between security and convenience so attractive that Groupo Haganá intends to deploy it at hundreds of other facilities throughout Brazil.
Arie Melamed Yekel, CMO of FST Biometrics, says, “The implementation of FST Biometrics’ newly-released IMID Mobile solution with Haganá Security demonstrates a key application of our secure access capabilities. Due to the adaption of IMID Access technology in a challenging security climate, Brazilians are more secure without having to sacrifice comfort.”
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