A Biometric characteristic is a general term used to describe a measurable physiological and/or behavioral characteristic that can be used for automated recognition. A Biometric system provides an automated method of recognizing an individual based on the individual's biometric characteristics. Biometric modalities commonly implemented or studied include fingerprint, face, iris, voice, signature, vein pattern, and hand geometry. Many other modalities are in various stages of development and assessment.

Biometric systems are commonly used to control access to physical assets (laboratories, buildings, cash from ATMs, etc.) or logical information (personal computer accounts, secure electronic documents, etc). Biometric systems can also be used to determine whether or not a person is already in a database, such as for social service or national ID applications.

Why we need Biometrics?

Integrating the use of Biometric devices in the workplace enables a substantial boost in the overall security infrastructure. These devices offer robust identification and verification solutions, which ensure utmost security for the information and assets of business.

Devices such as fingerprintscanner have proven to be cost-efficient and effective security solutions on multiple levels; especially for those in the banking sector, public sector and other organizations, which deal with sensitive information or high-value products.

Organizations that have employed Biometric devices have been able to significantly reduce risks associated with fraud. This is mainly because of the difficulty in forging Biometric identification. Since these devices make use of physical characteristics such as fingerprints or voice; there is no risk of unauthorized entry into restricted areas with the use of lost, borrowed or stolen ID cards.

Multiple devices can be effectively integrated into various operations within the business such as customer and database management applications, to deliver a sustainable, secure and holistic networking facility with well-defined access points for different personnel. Fingerprint scanner also helps authorities to track the whereabouts of employees and suspicious activities through various locations around the office, to further ensure complete security. In addition to this, employing a Biometric system ascertains significant return on investment by supporting additional functions such as attendance and time management.

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