Elevator Controller

With residential, commercial and office buildings growing taller day-by-day; Elevators have become the most basic and convenient way to travel and access the floors in such a multi-storey building. To keep these elevators active and perfectly running continuously all the time we need a very efficient Elevator Control System. An Elevator Controller is the system responsible for coordinating all aspects of elevator service such as travel speed, accelerating and decelerating, door opening speed and delay, leveling and hall lantern signals as well as securing the building by denying unauthorized access.

Why Elevator Controller?

The main aims of the Elevator Controller are:
  • To bring the lift car to the correct floor.
  • To minimize travel time.
  • To maximize passenger comfort by providing a smooth ride.
  • To accelerate, decelerate and travel within safe speed limits.
  • Most importantly, to deny unauthorized access.
Except for the last among the above mentioned, all others are general and basic functions of an Elevator Controller. This special function is required in office buildings which observe large traffic. Apart from regular members of staff who are present on a daily basis, depending upon the nature of its business, an office is likely to receive visitors, temporary staff, field staff, etc. Although they are not there on a regular basis they can potentially blend in with office workers. It is important to keep track of who is in the office building and to ensure that unauthorized people are not able to gain access to valuables and sensitive information.

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