Fingerprint Systems in Retail Industry

Due to irregularity of employees, the retail industry is experiencing huge losses, more so cause of 'buddy-punching'. Buddy-punching is when a colleague logs in and logs out for another employee.  It is a problem that most organizations have to deal with and is very difficult to full-proof dishonest behavior. It is believed that around 75% of organizations lose a lot of money because of this trend of buddy-punching.
Even after a few minutes of delay on the part of the employee makes organizations lose their valuable time that adds up to numerous hours. This lost time make the company incur huge losses on income and of valuable productive hours. Whether government or private, to keep a track on their employees and enhance their productivity, various companies must install Biometric Security Devices.
The fingerprint attendance concept can optimize the workforce and help the retail industry in encouraging high employee attendance. The fingerprint reader works by capturing the image of the fingerprint and keeps it as a record along with the time. Every individual has a different set of fingerprints and this fact ensures that only the required employee is able to get authenticated. These finger access control devices help organizations eliminate buddy-punching as it works on the fingerprint recognition mechanism.

At the point of entry in an organization, a fingerprint reader can be installed to a time clock where every employee has to scan his/her finger to log in and to log out. Fingerprint attendance allows accurate identification for each employee. It notes the log in and log out time of every employee thus providing proper account of extra work hours and number of leaves taken. 

Retail industries are always looking for ways to optimize labor and improve payroll processing. Implementation of such attendance systems helps them achieve a smooth workflow and administration. Apart from using these attendance systems to log employee attendance, installing biometric door lock provides a unique way of staff identification that can prevent unauthorized physical access and improve human resource productivity.

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