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eSSL Security

Problem: Maintenance of security systems and access to a building or an office floor is still a major problem for companies/ organizations. Especially SME’s has their own pattern of purchasing security technologies. Due to poor decision making and reach out, the systems implemented turns out be a standalone system and has poor compatibility problems.

Solution: Due to poor purchase process at SME’s, they end up purchasing products and services from different vendors. This leads to maintenance and service problems.
eSSL’s total integration system allows an organization in controlling the access and integrates all the security systems. The following are the devices that can be integrated;
  1. Access controller ( Inbio 460, C3 400)
  2. IP cameras
  3. Elevator controller
  4. Boom Barrier
  5. Turnstiles
  6. Guard Patrol System
  7. Biometrics
  8. Alarm Systems, Motion detection systems, Smoke detection systems (Third party)
  • Centralized controlling system
  • Multi location access control
  • Hassle free and low maintenance cost
  • Simple implementation
  • Multi brand product integration/ 3rd party integration
  • Meets global standard

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