Why Face Recognition Technology Is Useful?

In today's networked world, the need to maintain the security of information or physical property is becoming both increasingly important and increasingly difficult. From time to time we hear about the crimes of credit card fraud, computer break-in by hackers, or security breaches in a company or government building. In most of these crimes, the criminals were taking advantage of a fundamental flaw in the conventional access control systems: the systems do not grant access by "who we are", but by "what we have", such as ID cards, keys, passwords, PIN numbers, or mother's maiden name. None of these means really define us. Rather, they merely are means to authenticate us. It goes without saying that if someone steals, duplicates, or acquires these identity means, he or she will be able to access our data or our personal property any time they want.

With the advent of Biometrics technology the possibility to allow verification of "true" individual identity became available. Face Recognition is one of the few Biometric methods that possess the merits of both high accuracy and low intrusiveness. It has the accuracy of a physiological approach without being intrusive. Currently gaining support as a potential tool for averting terrorist crimes, facial recognition is already in use in many law enforcement areas as well as high traffic areas. Face Recognition is also very difficult to fool. It works by comparing facial landmarks - specific proportions and angles of defined facial features - which cannot easily be concealed by beards, eyeglasses or makeup.


Face Recognition is a both challenging and important recognition technique. Among all the Biometric techniques, face recognition approach possesses one great advantage, which is its user-friendliness (or non-intrusiveness). Verification or identification can be accomplished from two feet away or more, and without requiring the user to wait for long periods of time or do anything more than look at the camera.

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