How does an Elevator Controller avoid Unauthorized Access?

An Elevator Control System can be integrate with other security systems like Boom barriers, Turnstiles, IP Cameras, Fingerprint and Card Readers, Alarms etc., which gives us a complete secured system. Consider a multi-floor office building including basement. In such a big building the Elevator Controlling Button Panel can be integrated with Fingerprint or Card reader so that the elevator operates only if an authorized Fingerprint or RFID is punched or flashed.

Maximum chances are that an intruder can try getting in from the basement. A boom barrier or a turnstile fitted with an alarm system can be set up just before the entry of the elevator. Even IP Cameras can be installed at the entry of the elevator in every floor. Special RFID/HID cards can be assigned only to those employees who have the authority to access a particular restricted floor (say R & D Department). Once the card is flashed before the reader the particular floor button becomes active and he/she can have access to that particular floor.

There are always chances of an unauthorized person getting hold of the RFID Card somehow from somewhere or maybe he/she can befriend an employee of the office and get him/her to punch in his/her finger over the reader. By doing this the intruder can access any floor in the office at ease. To avoid such a breach a turnstile can be installed in every floor at the exit of the elevator. As soon as the turnstile gets a mismatch of the number of cards flashed and number of individuals getting out of the elevator it can raise the alarms.

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