Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometric is an authentication technology well suited for applications and systems in which other Biometric Technologies would be difficult or inconvenient to implement. Voice Biometrics provides a multifactor authentication of a person’s identity through a unique property: his or her voice. Just like other Biometric characteristics, the voice is unique to an individual.

This form of Biometric is most often deployed in environments where the voice is already captured, such as telephony and call centers. Making use of distinctive qualities of a person's voice, some of which are behaviorally determined and others of which are physiologically determined; voice verification is typically deployed in such areas as home improvement and security, banking account access, home PC, network access, and many others.

Voice Biometrics is a powerful, robust and secure technology foundation for voice verification techniques that have wide application in industry today. It is a cost-effective, easy to integrate and non-invasive technique for identifying and authenticating people.

It can be used in enrollment applications, authorizations and approvals, phone-based sales, sampling or to simply electronically capture that a person conducted the transaction. The value and nature of the transaction will determine the security criteria associated with the implementation.

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